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Frequently Asked Questions

We want you to know everything about your new stone counter top.  Here are just a few answers to our most popular questions...

1.   Why do granite colours vary throughout the slab?

Granite is a natural stone, sliced from mountains. For that reason, granite colours are always different between pieces and often within the slab itself. You should also be prepared for imperfections as they are natural to the product. If you prefer a countertop without variation, talk to one of our experts about our other options.

2.  What should I expect in terms of granite countertop prices?

Granite countertop prices are typically higher than prices for other materials, like laminate. Granite is also too difficult for all but experienced countertop manufacturers to work with, which affects granite countertop prices. When we understand your project, we will provide pricing to help you make your decision.


3.  Can I put hot things on granite?

Granite is heat-resistant up to 1,800 degrees, but we always recommend using a hot pad or trivet.

4. How do I care for my granite countertop?

Granite countertops are easy to care for. Mild dish soap and water are fine for daily cleaning. Once a week, use a natural stone cleaner to help maintain the sealer and shine. Stay away from abrasive or acidic cleaners like vinegar or bleach. If your granite countertop gets stained, there are easy-to-use stain removers available. Chipping can occur with granite, so you must be careful not to drop anything on it.

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